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Genetech’s 75th annual charity gala is just around the corner! This year it will be held on Wednesday, January 31st at the Fairmont Hotel main ballroom in downtown Neverthere. All proceeds for this event will be donated to Oregon’s own Environmental Law Alliance Worldwide. We’re happy to announce that all tables have been booked and Gold tickets sold out as of January 1st. However, Premier tickets will still be on sale until one hour after doors open on the night of the gala.
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A highly classified Genetech project is once again unleashed on this good city. However, it is not quite so terrifying this time around. (Or is it?) A mood regulating drug was deliberately dumped into the city’s water tanks. 1 milligram per liter of water, give or take. Therefore the water used throughout the city will be enhanced with this drug. Those who consume the city’s water, either from directly drinking the water or using the water in food, will feel its effects. Note that topical contact with the water will not have any effect on the individual who made contact. The drug must enter the bloodstream to take effect.
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CST | DISCORD@spooky#3084

Vibrates like a cat on nip that's scaled the curtains up to the rods. Always lurking. Relishes the suffering of her characters like some relish sunshine. Bathes in the tears of others. Spooky enjoys haunting public restrooms and places where people try to discreetly pick their noses to make them feel awkward. Spooky is too friendly. Sometimes Spooky needs to be told to sit down.

Will answer questions on auggies, woofs, Outlaws, SL, and Genetech.


GMT+1 | DISCORD@babushka#6335

the most awkwardest of awkward little babushka cats. prone to sleepies and does a masterful crab walk. might actually be a crab. a crab in a cat suit. easily exciteable and easily distracted by pretties. will shout from the tops of her lungs and immediately feel weird about it afterwards. ask her for code and/or graphics help. and don't worry if she falls asleep on you. it means she loves you. or something. AHHHH!

Will help with any witchy, shifter, coven, kotv, and nps questions!


PST | DISCORD@storm ⚡#9849

She is the ominous purple cloud in the distance. The single strike of lightning that splits the sky. The howling winds-- Just kidding. (Or is she?) Storm enjoys simple pleasures just like anyone else. Seeing her characters slowly descend into a pit of suffering and madness. Teasing NT members with future site-wide plots.Bombarding the music spam channel on Discord with ramblings of her latest character playlist. And so on. Dies often. Do not be alarmed. Revives just as often with a bit of tea and food offerings. She comes with a warning label: PRONE TO WRITING IN ALLCAPS WHEN EXCITED.

Storm will answer any question you have regarding her vampire babies (the Council and Lost boys included), elementals, dark elementals and the MCSC.


PST | DISCORD@scratch#8789

RUN scratch.exe ...

scratch is mostly that mod the staff found in the dumpster out back and dusted off like new. your general chat greeter. your never-enough-coffee haver. please approach scratch with all the wary caution one might use in approaching a wild animal stuffed into a tiny suit and placed gently at the dining room table.
etiquette: optional. shrieking: likely.

scratch is happy to help with css, coding, and template questions, general site and species information, and forum clean-up and maintenance.